Monday, June 16, 2008

My Wii Menu and Why

Someone's Wii menu (not mine though)

Its approaching the second year of Wii in a couple of months (for the US). 229 Virtual Console games, 13 WiiWare games, and 5 downloadable channels are available on the Wii Shop Channel. So there's pretty much limitless combinations for your Wii Menu. Tonight I'll be discussing my Wii Menu (not the one pictured above) and the different channels and games in it. Enjoy!

The Disc Channel
We'll start of with my most used: the Disc Channel. I play all my Wii games here. Lately I've been playing some Guitar Hero III and Mario Kart Wii. So there'd probably be the disc channel pic of one of those right now.

Mii Channel
Don't really use this one that much any more. Made a reasonably large amount of Miis when the system was new. Some of my favorites are Stormtrooper, E.T., Smokey the Bear, and Kyle (FYI: that's my Mii). Currently I have around 20 to 30 Miis.

Photo Channel
Another channel I haven't used in a while. The only pictures on it are ones from Pokemon Snap, screenshots from Metroid Prime 3, and congratulating photos from Mario Kart and Mario Galaxy.

Wii Shop Channel
Need this one! It's where I buy all my stuff.

Forecast Channel
Never used it. #1 They don't update it as often as they should. #2 Could access the info a lot faster just on my nearby computer. #3 It only shows major towns. The closest to where I live is 200 or so miles. Yeah, that's going to be accurate!

News Channel
Use this every once in a while. Once again, it's almost quicker just to get on Google News or something of the like on my computer.

Great game, one of my favorites. It's really calming and peaceful to play and utilizes the Wii remote well. Check out the full review here.

Dr. Mario Online Rx
Definitely my most used WiiWare game. Both online and off keep me hooked. Full review here.

Defend Your Castle
A fun, original title. It's cheap too, so it was an easy decision for me. Full review here.

Super Mario Bros.
The day I got my Wii hooked up to my Wi-Fi network, I downloaded this game. One of the best games of all time. Love it, definitely a must buy for anyone.

Super Mario Bros. 3
Another of the best of the Mario platformers. With this game, Nintendo leaped forward the platforming scene, adding maps, a dozen or so powerups, and a lengthy adventure.

Super Mario World
Got this game a couple days after a purchased my Classic Controller. Finished the game within a week, that's how fun it is.

Super Metroid
Truly one of the best games of all time. I recently purchased it and was pretty glad of it.

The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past
Personally my favorite Zelda game of all time. It set the basics for pretty much every Zelda game to come. I'll need to start playing this one again and finish it.

Pokemon Snap
One of few good Pokemon spin offs, Snap occupied many of my hours back in the day (at friends houses). And recently when I purchased it, my entire day was occupied by it. We need a sequel of some sort, maybe using the Wii remote sensor?

Sonic the Hedgehog
This along with Super Mario Bros. were the two VC games I purchased when first hooking my Nintendo Wii up to the internet. Bought it because it was somewhat cheap and had that classic Sonic gameplay (it is the first after all).

And that rounds up what's on my Wii menu. Now for why some things aren't on my Wii menu! As for the Check Mii Out Channel, I used that crap of a channel for around two weeks. Quickly grew bored with it and took it off my system. When WiiWare came out I had to take off the Everybody Votes and Internet Channels. A tough decision for the Internet Channel, and not so tough for the Everybody Votes. I once had the Mario Kart Channel but because of the limited space took it off because after all, it is available in game. The Nintendo Channel was on my system for a week or so but was taken off due to space, crappy loading times on videos, and boring DS Demos (except for Ninja Gaiden, that was a good one.) Once upon a time, I had the Metroid Prime 3 Preview Channel. It was cool and I'm surprised there hasn't been more of these. It took it off once I had bought the game.

Well, now you know about my Wii menu. What'd you think of it? Think I should have My Pokemon Ranch? Think Super Metroid's overrated? Tell me in the comments.

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