Monday, August 4, 2008

7 Things To Do On Your Wii

I've heard a lot of complaints of people saying they've got nothing to do on their Wii. An IGN blogger even went so far and sold their's on eBay. (With such great games coming up, what a mistake.) So I'm here to list, plain and simple, 7 things to do on the Wii. Hopefully someone will find at least one more thing to do...

7. Make a Mii.

You see that Mii Channel? Click on it, seriously. You'll wastes away some good time making little avatars of yourself, family, friends, celebrities and movie/tv characters. It'll get old, but it does possess it's charm. Plus you can use your Miis in certain games, which is cool.

6. Surf the web. Using the downloadable Internet Channel to surf the web. I mean why would you want to your computer? Almost all sites will work on your Wii and YouTube videos work, which is nice. They're also a lot of flash games built to use the Wii's Internet Channel.

5. Watch trailer, video interviews, and other Nintendo product videos at the Nintendo Channel. Most of them are just trailers and game information, but there have been some rather good ones, like the Guitar Hero: On Tour developer's interview.

4. Download DS demos.

This too is available at the Nintendo Channel. They've offered some pretty good titles, but not a whole lot of gems. Contra 4, Crosswords DS, Ninja Gaiden, and Trauma Center have been some of the good ones.

3. Download and play classic games. NES, Super NES, N64, Neo-Geo, Genesis... yep they're all on on the Wii Shop Channel and ready for you to download. While there's still a lot they could put on their to please Nintendo fans (i.e. Earthbound, Mother, Super Mario RPG.), there's a lot of good, retro games on there currently. Almost every Mario platformer is there, from Super Mario Bros. 3 to Super Mario 64, which is a good place to start in downloading Virtual Console games.

2. Download and play WiiWare games via the Wii Shop Channel. A neat little service that actually has quite a few good games. Quite a bit of shovelware too, but some good titles nonetheless. Some great ones include Dr. Mario, Toki Tori, and LostWinds.

1. Play Wii games for crying out loud!

This is why it puzzles me when people complain about the Wii. There are so many great titles, both first- and third-party. I mean, come on, we've already got Zelda, Super Mario, Smash, Mario Kart, and Paper Mario in less than two years since the Wii's launch. There's also a lot of quality in third-party titles such as Boom Blox, Guitar Hero III, No More Heroes, and Zack & Wiki.

So there you have it. I really see no reason to complain about lack of things to do on the Wii; there's plenty!

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