Friday, September 19, 2008

Release date, IGN review, DLC, and more for Mega Man 9

From Capcom official blog:

"The wait is finally over: Mega Man 9 hits North America next week!

The game will be released for download on the September 22 for the Wii. Playstation Network gets it September 25th, and XBLA will have it October 1!

These dates are for North America ONLY."

It cool that WiiWare getting it first. And I'll definitely be downloading it. OK, onto next bit of news...

From Games Radar:

- hits October 6th for 200 Wii Points
- has the ability to slide, and charge shots
- some bullets can be deflected with shield
- contact with bullets pushes Proto Man back twice as far as Mega Man
- charge shot is interrupted when Proto Man is hit
- no Rush adapters, they are Proto adapters (sled, coil, more)

He's pretty much an alternative for those who liked Mega Man's skills and controls after Mega Man 2 (and onward). DLC sounds pretty cool. Wonder what other kind of downloads there'll be? New bosses? Bass as a playable character? I can only hope.

And finally, to round out my little bit of Mega Man 9 news, is the first review for the game: IGN's Mega Man 9 review by Mark Bozon. Enjoy!

PS. Look forward to next week, because I'll have quite a few posts and maybe a couple of reviews having to do with Mega Man!

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