Monday, September 8, 2008

(Wii) Music to my Ears (linked article)

Yes, I know, I've become lazy. But I kept having headaches today, so I'll link to someone else's article and have mine up tomorrow. As for that someone else's article, it comes from a blog a lot like mine that's starting out small, I've Never Liked Your SpinachPuffs (I know, awesome name). It's about Wii Music. Can't say I necessarily agree, but it's definitely a good opinion. Enjoy!

I'll bring this point up again... I DIDN'T WRITE THIS ARTICLE! I don't want to take the credit for this well-written article. See any typos? No, exactly why it's not mine.


  1. I honestly don't mind you posting up my article at all - in fact, I'm rather flattered :D

    Only thing I would point out is that the blog's title is "I've Never Liked You SpinachPuffs" (no space)

    That's just being picky though ;)

  2. Man, now I'm making typos!
    "I've Never Liked Your SpinachPuffs"
    Can't even spell my own blog title..