Thursday, November 20, 2008

Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People

The Chapman brothers' cartoon Homestar Runner are hilarious and very well done. I'm a big fan of the cartoons. Because of this, I thought the Strong Bad games on WiiWare would be great. Turns out I'm wrong. No, they're not bad games, very well done games actually. Just they aren't for me.

I downloaded the first a few weeks ago and played through it... barely. I just never really got the puzzles, as most of them were way to abstract for me. Maybe it's just point and click adventures aren't for me? Except I loved Zack & Wiki, which I decided is a different style of point and click (one I find way more enjoyable). I managed to make it through the entire first episode. But I had to use GameFAQs more than once, which pretty much defeates the purpose of the games. So later, I bought Episode 2, vowing not to use an FAQ or guide. But soon into the game I get stuck and haven't played it since. I guess they're just not for me. Even if I'm an avid fan.

My final impressions of the game are this. While the gameplay didn't appeal to me, the polish and humor were great. Every character was voice acted by the Chapman brother which definitely makes it feel a lot more like the cartoons. The game is a definite buy for point and click adventure enthusiasts or fans of the show (as long as they somewhat like pointing and clicking, which I did not).

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