Friday, November 21, 2008

What I'm Playing - Pre-Thanksgiving Edition

Episode 4: Pre-Thanksgiving Edition

Another month, another article about what I'm playing. I've changed the name of the articles from "Games I've Been Playing Lately" to "What I'm Playing". Though if anyone can think of a catchier name, give me a holler (via comment section or email).

Once again it's seems I'm struck with the four games that have been consuming my time (a curse or more likely a blessing?) This month, it's a lot more varied than last edition. This time around I've been playing a NES game, SNES game, Wii game, and Nintendo DS game.


System: Wii
If there was one game to show the world why games are art, it'd be Okami. The Japanese art style is so very and beautiful. And the epic, Zelda style adventure that comes with it is just as stellar. As of writing, I'm not very far, but far enough to tell it's a damn good game.

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

System: Nintendo DS
This was my second time starting a save on Phantom Hourglass. I made it roughly halfway through it the first time, then my brother let a friend borrow it, who erased my save (since there's only two save slots, which kinda sucks). I started a new game a week or so ago and have been playing the hell out of it whenever I have free time. I love both the art style and unique controls, though it is a bit easier than most Zelda games. Once I'm finished writing this, I'm going to plop down on either my bed or couch and finish the game. I'm on the last run of the Temple of the Ocean King and about to face Bellum!

EDIT: OK, that was a bit disappointing (the fight with Bellum). I'm currently on stage two of the three levels of the fight. I'm on the one where you face off against him on the ship, which is hard, but so far the fight hasn't been all that epic...

EDIT 2: Finished the game... w00t! The final, final boss fight is pretty fun, but not nearly as awesome as some of the various temple boss fights, at least in my opinion. It was an awesome game and had a good ending.

Super Metroid

System: SNES (via Virtual Console via Wii)
I've had a surplus of Virtual Console games that I download, play for a little while, and then move on. I've decided to go back and beat all of my VC games. The first I picked was Super Metroid. There's a definite reason this is considered one of the greatest of all time: it's good. I've never fully completed it, but I pretty far into the game.

Super Mario Bros. 3

System: NES (via Virtual Console via Wii)
Another of my VC games I'm playing. This, alongside Galaxy, are my favorite of the Super Mario series (of which I love every single one). I'm currently on World 3 of the game, so I've still got a ways to go.

There you have it, the four games I've been playing lately.

Maybe you've noticed the rapid stream of editorials and articles I've been posting; this is because I'm going to be gone from Saturday, the 22nd, until the next Saturday, the 29th. I'll be visiting grandparents across the country for Thanksgiving. If I can get on a computer somehow there, I'll post something, but if not, have a great Turkey Day! -Kyle

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  1. Enjoy the holidays! I'd like to finish PH one day, but the Temple of the Ocean king is damn tedious, I don't think I'll ever make it!

    You're going to miss the launch of Chrono Trigger DS!

  2. Yeah, the Temple was one of my least favorite parts of the game. But I still love the game!

    And maybe I'll pick up Chrono Trigger there.

  3. My list would look something like:

    World of Goo
    Gyrostarr (review posted today!)
    Pirates Key of Dreams (dled it on accident. review soon)
    Dead Rising
    and de Blob. picked it up a while ago with intent to review, but somehow lost interest. it's a really great game, though. a little slow for the first couple hours, but after that it's brilliant.

  4. I thought the Temple of the Ocean King was a pretty decent idea, but it did get just a little tedious by the end.

    All I'm playing right now is Wii Music (which is awesome) and TrackMania DS (which I only opened a few hours back but is still looking awesome)