Thursday, January 15, 2009

Poll #9: "Which system had the strongest year in 2008?" results

Poll number 9 is done. Here's the data:

Which system had the strongest year in 2008? (41 total votes)
  • Xbox 360 - 31% (13 votes)
  • Playstation 3 - 12% (5 votes)
  • Wii - 41% (17 votes)
  • Nintendo DS - 12% (5 votes)
  • PSP - 2% (1 votes)
It was a close competition between the 360 and the Wii, but Nintendo's little white box got a few more votes and earned the title of winner. Behind the Wii and 360 was a tie between the PS3 and DS. Followed then by the PSP with a measly single vote.

I was torn between the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. I felt the Wii's year was lacking, and even though I don't own a PS3 or 360 there were a lot of titles, particularly LittleBigPlanet, Dead Space, and Mirror's Edge, that really interest me. I also thought the Nintendo DS had a fairly good year. Much better than the Wii and PSP.

And as usual the latest poll is up and running. The poll is "So far, which year was the Wii's best?"

EDIT: For some reason either a problem with Blogger, my crappy computer, or my crappy internet is hindering my ability to put up the latest poll. At first it just wouldn't display at all and now I can't even go back and create a new poll. I'll try again tomorrow (or later tonight).

EDIT 2: Thank god it's finally up and running. I don't know if it was just my computer or if it was screwing up for everyone, but thankfully it's fixed. Now get votin'!

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