Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My E3 Predictions: The Aftermath

Wii Sports Resort, which I didn't predict, and is looking pretty cool...

As you may recall, way back in May, I wrote a little article concerning what I had predicted we'd see at Nintendo's press conference. Well now that the Nintendo E3 Media Briefing is over, how many of my predicted games showed up? Read on to find out...

The first game I predicted way back when was Kid Icarus. There were so many signs, such as him being in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and not to mention the IGN crew had pretty much confirmed it in their podcasts. But alas no mention of Kid Icarus at the press conference. I was 99% sure of it being there, but I guess there's always that 1%. But it seems like it's still in development, as IGN stated in an interview with Miyamoto.

As for Animal Crossing Wii, that's another story. I was pretty sure this was going to be shown at E3 also, and it was. It's now titled Animal Crossing: City Folk. It looks pretty cool, but it also looks very similar to the previous AC's for the DS and GameCube.

Pikmin 3? Nope it wasn't there either.

Disastor: Day of Crisis wasn't there in any shape or form. This has led me to believe it's gone the path of Project HAMMER and we won't be hearing of it anymore.

Wii Music was there and it looked interesting. You'll be able to play classic Nintendo tunes on over 50 instuments which looked cool. But it also looks overly simplistic. I'll just have to wait and see.

For some strange reason there was no storage solution announced for the Wii at E3. No SD Card support. No USB hard-drive support. Nothing. Strange and starting to piss me off just a little.

Voice chat was announced at the Expo. But it's very strange looking. Instead of a headset, you have a little device that sits above you TV and takes in the sounds of you living room and projects them to people you're playing games with. It's very strange and I can't see why not just a headset. Also, if you're wondering, you'll only be able to chat with people on your friends list (surprise, surprise!).

As for the DS, little was announced other than a very unexpected Grand Theft Auto game. Nothing like the New Super Mario Bros. 2 I had predicted.

Well there you have it. It seems I'm not the best at seeing the future. I was right on 3 things and wrong on 5. But hey, who knows, maybe Nintendo will announce some big title at the end of E3 (like in 2006 with SSBB). Just don't get your hopes up; I did that when E3 was coming up and was severely disappointed with Nintendo's showcase.

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