Monday, July 28, 2008

Video Game Mascots, Old vs. New

Many video game characters, such as Mario have been around since the 8-bit days. Some, like Sonic, are a bit more recent and appeared in the 16-bit era of the SNES and Genesis. But nonetheless, a lot of video game mascots have had quite a bit of history. The character themselves probably have changed in their overall look too. Tonight I'll be discussing various video game characters (think Mario, Pac-Man, etc.) and which look I prefer, retro or present.


What better place to start than the face of the video game industry: Mario. As you can see with the above photo, Mario is a clear indication of how much graphical change has happened since the early days of video games. Mario now sports snazzy bright blue overalls in place of his 8-bit red pair. On his hands are shiny, white gloves (strange that they're not dirty, seeing all the goombas he's squashed and bricks he's broken). His eyes are also now a baby blue. In short, the new Mario is cooler. But the 8-bit Mario will still have a place in my heart.

Winner: New


Pac-Man is another very iconic video game character. The original games are extremely fun (especially Ms. Pac-Man). The only "cool" feature worth mentioning on the new Pac-Man are his eyes. Which are actually tiny, darkened Pac-Mans (or -Men?). Clever, and about the only thing clever about the new version. From the bright red boots to his orange, boxing gloves, this isn't Pac-Man.

Winner: Old


As you can see from the image above, Sonic hasn't changed too much (while the old is just art, it still depicts what Sonic looked like in those days). The changes are subtle, but for the best. On his shoes are now buckles. His eyes now have color, emerald green. And his overall look is older and more badass. The older version looks like some Saturday morning cartoon. So thus, this match goes to the new.

Winner: New

And that rounds off my article. I know it's a little short but I'm getting real tired and about to fall asleep on my keyboard. I'll probably do a second one of these. Maybe with more mascots. Like Link, Samus, Mega Man, Bomberman, Crash, etc. Sorry guys, I'm dead tired and falling asleep as we speak. Later.... nt bbvg vb jkl;;;lk;nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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