Friday, July 11, 2008

Random Video Game Questions


The video game industry is a rather large one. And lately I've been having a few random questions about certain games and certain aspects of games. Enjoy!
  • Why does Metroid Prime 3: Corruption's boxart look so similar to that of Spider-man 3? Must have something to do with both being the third in their series or something like that. Look at it:
  • Why hasn't there been any Boom Blox advertising campaigns that really emphasize the Steven Spielburg part of things? I mean, the game hasn't been that much of a success financially. So why no advertising that Steven Spielburg helped make it?
  • In a lot of video games, why do NPCs say the same things over and over? Take the Pokemon games for example. You talk to so random women in some city and she says how much she loves her Bulbasaur. Talk to her again, and she says the exact same thing. Don't you think they'd get tired of saying it over and over? Just a thought.
  • Why so many drum peripherals? With Rock Band already out, there's one drum peripheral on the market. But soon Guitar Hero: World Tour will come out with a five pad, one pedal drum set (one more pad than Rock Bands). And then Konami's Rock Revolution will come out with a six pad, one pedal drum peripheral. What's with all the variety? I mean, all the guitars are basically the same in the games, so why the differences of the drums sets?
  • Why have there been so many Soul Caliber IV ads on the back of gaming magazines? My last two Electronic Gaming Monthlys and my latest Game Informer have all had the same Soul Caliber advertisements on their back covers. It's like some kind of advertising conspiracy! Ahh!
  • In certain games, why can you just walk into people's houses and they won't care? In these games, when you do walk into a random person's house they'll strike up a conversation with you and maybe give you an item. But nope, no questions about you breaking and entering.
That rounds up some random questions I've had with video games lately. So what did you think? Have any questions like this? Tell me in the comments

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