Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Christmas list

Dear Santa, this Christmas, I want... oh crap... I'm too old for that. Okay, never mind, today's post will be about what I want for Christmas from relatives and parents. Hopefully I get most of it!

The only two games I'm asking for are de Blob and Animal Crossing: City Folk, both for Wii. As for de Blob, I really should buy this myself, since it's an awesome third-party game. I usually do this with these types of games (i.e. Boom Blox, No More Heroes, Blast Works) to support developers, but since Christmas is coming up, I said, heck with it I'll ask for it as a gift. Animal Crossing on the other hand doesn't appeal to me as much for me to spend my hard earned cash on. So I won't be getting that unless it's as a gift.

The three DVD's I want this year are the stellar Iron Man, The Dark Knight, and Wall-E. I loved all three of those and a DVD edition (2-disc collector's edition special features and all) would be great. Another thing I'd love to get but since it's has somewhat of a hefty price tag, I don't know if I'll be receiving it this year is the complete Batman: The Animated Series on DVD. I heard the show was awesome but never really saw much of it when it was on. A few months ago I saw a couple of episodes and really liked it. Since it's won Emmys and all, I figure it's gotta be pretty good. (Check it out here, yeah, it looks awesome!)

Other than that I usually tell people to get me gift cards, particularly those VISA ones and Apple iTunes ones (for my tunes).

There you have... oh heck with it...

Dear Santa, this year I've been very, very good and want de Blob, Animal Crossing: City Folk, Iron Man, Wall-E, The Dark Knight, Batman: The Animated Series on DVD, and peace on earth.
Sincerely, Kyle

Santa's reaction: "Ho ho ho, what a greedy boy we have here. I draw the line at the Wall-E DVD, no peace on earth for you little boy."

Aww man... So anyways, what's on your Christmas list?

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  1. I think the only game I'm getting this Christmas is Zack and Wiki, and I'll definitely be grabbing The Dark Knight once its out on DVD (best film I've seen in the cinema since Fellowship of the Ring!)

    Wall-E rocks as well - we got that the day it came out!

  2. Animal Crossing: City Folk is awesome, you'll really enjoy it!

    I've been playing constantly for 2 weeks now, good fun!

  3. Well I agree with the Dark knight and I'm asking "SANTA" to get me the digital copy to put on my Ipod. The only games I really want are Boom Blox and Blast Works.