Monday, December 15, 2008

Poll #7: "Which web browser are you using?" results

My seventh poll's over and here's the results:

Which web browser are you using? (57 total votes)
  • Internet Explorer - 5% (3 votes)
  • Firefox - 66% (38 votes)
  • Safari - 8% (5 votes)
  • Opera - 8% (5 votes)
  • Google Chrome - 1% (1 vote)
  • Wii web browser - 8% (5 votes)
  • DS web browser - 0% (0 votes)
  • Other - 0% (0 votes)
Firefox got by with an easy win, accumulating two-thirds of the votes. But it's not without good reason; Firefox is my favorite web browser as it's fast, looks nice, and includes all the features I need for web browsing. I'll stop now since this is turning into something of an advertisment. Apple's Safari browser, the Opera browser, and the Wii Internet Channel (running on Opera) all tied for second with 5 votes each (8% overall).

And of course, the latest poll is up. Poll #8 is a lot like it's predecessor, except this time, the question is "Which operating system are you using?"

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1 comment:

  1. I am a firm follower of Firefox, which I find the most convenient and hassle free. safari Browser has some work to do before it can be considered a viable threat.