Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My gaming New Year's resolutions

It's New Year's Eve. And you know what that means, the start of a new year. It also means people will be making resolutions. People will resolve to go on diets, quit smoking, get out of debt, or just spend more time with families. Those are all great. But this is a gaming blog, not a lifestyle blog, so today I've compiled a list of my "gaming New Year's resolutions."

Finish unfinished games
This is probably the biggest one. I have quite a few games that I've bought but haven't beaten. It really peeves me when I have games that are unfinished, but I keep buying more. So in 2009 it's my goal to complete all of my unfinished Wii games, which are Boom Blox, Zack & Wiki, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Lego Star Wars, SSX Blur, Blast Works, and Okami. I know, that's a lot of games, but most of them I'm close to completing, so it shouldn't be too hard.

Don't go on a single reviewer's opinion
I don't do this a lot. But occasionally I'll base my purchase of a game off one review. That usually isn't the wisest since people have different opinions. Which can lead to some regrettable purchases.

Spend my money wisely
This one relates to the previous one. Sometimes I've been like, "Oh the game's getting high 7's and low 8's," and then I'll go and buy it. But perhaps the genre or game series isn't really for me. One example is Blast Works: Build Trade Destroy. I bought it because it was getting favorable reviews from a lot of sites and magazines. But in those reviews the reviewers stated it might not be a good purchase if you don't want to spend the time creating all the levels. Once I'd bought it, I found this to be the case and haven't played much of it since (the custom level modes are a bit too complicated for me, and I'm not creative enough for them).

There you have, three gaming New Year's resolutions I'm making. What about you? Are you making any game related resolutions?

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  1. *sob* Please don't talk about Blast Works - I'm still waiting for it to arrive in the UK properly :(

    My main resolution for 2009 is to buy more DS games: I bought three games last year, one of which I bought only cos it was super cheap. Soul Bubbles and Professor Layton are probably top of my list right now...

    P.S. Surely you could have thought of a less cheesy name for your AC:CF town? :D

  2. Nope, I sat there for literally 10 minutes but lacked the imagination for anything but that. :D

    And Professor Layton is one of my favorite DS games, pick it up ASAP!