Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Poll #8: "Which operating system are you using?" results

My eighth and final poll of the year has concluded and the results are in:

Which operating system are you using? (49 total votes)
  • Windows XP - 38% (19 votes)
  • Windows Vista - 36% (18 votes)
  • Mac OS X - 12% (6 votes)
  • Linux - 6% (3 votes)
  • Other - 6% (3 votes)
Windows XP and Windows Vista were neck and neck for most of the polling session. But XP pulled ahead near the end. Apple's operating system came in third with six votes, 12% of the overall. The options, Linux and Other tied for fourth with three votes each.

I was surprised there weren't more votes from Mac users. I voted for Windows XP because that's what I've been using for the longest time. And it's still working excellent. But I'm actually thinking about getting a Mac because they're really cool and super sexy. But first I've got to get the money.

After two non-game related polls, we're back to video games, and the latest poll is "Which system had the strongest year in 2008?"

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