Sunday, February 15, 2009

Poll #11: "In the Legend of Zelda games, what do you name your character?" results

The results for Poll #11 are as follows:

In the Legend of Zelda games, what do you name your character? (37 total votes)
  • Link - 48% (18 votes)
  • My name - 24% (9 votes)
  • Other/random name - 24% (9 votes)
  • I don't know - 2% (1 vote)
Most people choose "Link" as they're character's name in LoZ games, as is evident from said choice getting almost 50% of the votes. Following that, it was a tie between people choosing their own name and a different, random name. And bringing up the rear is a single person who doesn't know. Why the person doesn't know is something we'll never know.

I almost always put in my own name at the save slot creation screen, though occasionally I'll choose Link. I can see why more people choose Link, since it goes with the overall story a bit more, and it's supposed to be his actual name.

And finally, we come to the newest poll. I'm pretty sure I've got a few regular readers as is evident from comments and the several people that follow my blog, and I know I get new readers every once and a while from links via other blogs and GoNintendo. And since I've come this far and have been blogging for this long, I have to wonder, what do you think of my blog? Love it? Hate it? I really want to know, which is why I've put up the latest poll, "On a scale of 1 to 5, what do you think of World 1-1?" And if you're not that fond of my blog, please let your voice be heard. Any constructive criticism is more than welcome.

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