Saturday, February 28, 2009

Poll #12 results

My twelfth poll is over and done. The results are as follows:

On a scale of 1 to 5, what do you think of World 1-1? (22 votes)
  • 5 - Awesome blog, great work. - 18% (4 votes)
  • 4 - Pretty good blog, nice work. - 59% (13 votes)
  • 3 - Average blog, nothing special. - 13% (3 votes)
  • 2 - Bad blog, needs work. - 0% (0 votes)
  • 1 - Horrible blog. - 9% (2 votes)
It's nice to know most people like my blog. 4 out of 5 was the most popular choice. While only 9% of people voted unfavorably. And a shout out to those voters: constructive criticism is more than welcome. Why'd you vote that way? I'd love to know.

And now for the next poll. No doubt you've all owned a Nintendo system, most likely more than one. This is a Nintendo blog, so I'm expecting a lot of readers to have Nintendo consoles and handhelds. But where did it all start for you? Maybe it was back in the NES or SNES days? Or maybe you're a more recent Nintendo fan, with the Nintendo 64, GameCube, or even Wii being your first Nintendo console. That's why the latest poll's up, and the question is, "Which Nintendo console was your first?"

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  1. Kyle, the stuff you put up here regularly amazes me - in fact, it was snooping on your's and SuperPhillip's blogs that provoked me to start my own on one summer evening whilst I had a terrible cold...

    As for the new poll, my vote goes to Wii - before joining the world of Nintendo I was a semi-casual PlayStation owner. Buying a DS changed all that: now I'm as obsessed as you can get (on a budget, at least!)

  2. Thanks man. Glad I could inspire you. My inspiration to start a blog actually came (like you) from another blog, One Duck's Opinion.

  3. I'm on the same page a SpinachPuffs. Actually the original influence came from writing for Aeropause, hating it, getting fired for being too "casual with the readers", reading lots of GoNintendo and clicking on the names of comments, finding world 1-1 and superphillip, and then I made my own. AWESOME!

    Zac Pritcher