Thursday, February 12, 2009

Several quick game impressions

Wow. Haven't posted for eleven days. It's been a combination of being sick and not having the enthusiasm that has kept me from posting in the last week and a half. I'll try to post a bit more frequent (that shouldn't be too hard). And seeing as there's been a few new games coming up that I'm interested in, I may also have some reviews sooner or later. -Kyle

I've been playing a number of games (most of them not incredibly recent) and I've decided to compile my two cents of each game into a single post. Enjoy!

Animal Crossing: City Folk (Wii)
Boy am I loving City Folk. Many gamers complain it's more of the same, which may be true, but I on the other hand have never played an Animal Crossing before this one and am addicted. I boot it up (just about) every day and play for an hour or so. I'm loving it.

Sonic and the Secret Rings (Wii)
I never got around to playing this launch title. I heard it was average at best and steered clear of it. But borrowing it from someone has given me the chance to explore what is an entertaining 3D Sonic game despite it's flaws. When you get going at top speed you'll really see the game shine. There's a lot of clunky mechanics that hold this one back from greatness, but it's still an entertaining ride.

LIT (WiiWare)
I bought this two days ago. It's a fun little WiiWare title. It's not without its flaws, specifically polish. Nevertheless it's a unique and entertaining environment based puzzle game that involves making paths of light by turning on lamps and breaking windows.

N+ (DS)
N+ may seem like a simple platformer, and what it really is a simple platformer that's a load of fun. The basic platforming mechanics of running, jumping, and getting to the goal are present and a lots of fun. I'm so close to beating this one, though the last episodes are increasingly difficult and pretty brutal.

Upcoming purchases
I'm definitely getting House of the Dead: Overkill, MadWorld, and New Play Control Pikmin soon, as I'm very stoked for those. I'm also going to get Deadly Creatures sometime, but not right now as I'll have my money spent for a little while. I also haven't decided on Tenchu yet, it looks to be a fun game but I just don't have the money and play time for it. I'll probably hold out until the summer where I can catch up on my backlog of games.

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  1. Animal Crossing Wii is a great game, especially if you are playing AC for the first time. I still reckon Wild World is better though - it may lack some of the features of City Folk, but the idea of a town in your pocket is just too awesome.

    I never liked Secret Rings much - questionable controls in a game as fast as Sonic just won't do.

    I'm fairly eager to get hold og Lit and N+, neither of which has reached Europe yet (Lit, I'm guessing, is due in a fortnight).

  2. Really? I found Secret Rings' controls to work pretty well. Well, most of the time. I like motion controls for left/right movement, and I find the attack mechanics (where you make a quick forward movement) satisfying.

    Though I do find the jumping is off, and I hate how you're always moving forward and have press a button to stop. You should alway be stopped unless you're pressing a button to go forward (like most games).