Sunday, May 17, 2009

Poll #19 results

The results for the nineteenth World 1-1 poll are as follows:

Are you excited for the Pokemon Gold/Silver remakes? (16 total votes)
  • I'm super excited for the games! - 43% (7 votes)
  • I'm interested in them - 13% (2 votes)
  • I'm indifferent - 6% (1 vote)
  • Meh... don't really want - 13% (2 votes)
  • What?! More Pokemon games? More remakes? Pass. - 25% (4 votes)
More than half of the voters were either excited for the Gold/Silver remakes or at least interested in them. I'm actually really looking forward to SoulSilver (the one I'm getting). Having skipped out on the fourth generation of Pokemon games (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum), I'd forgotten how much I loved the games. I picked back up Pokemon Sapphire for the GBA a few days ago and it's been pretty much all I've been playing (along with a few matches of NES Punch-Out!! to prepare for the Wii game and to hopefully get a review up tomorrow). The games usually start off a bit slow, but then it's on to none stop addictiveness.

Disappointing news stories going around various Nintendo news sites like GoNintendo are on the sales of certain games. Many hardcore titles on Nintendo platforms, such as MadWorld and GTA: Chinatown Wars haven't sold what people would consider successful. According to GoNintendo and NPD, Nintendo's latest first-party title Excitebots only sold a paltry 13,000 in April. The advertising, or lack there of, on Nintendo's part or people seeming to have enough of Wii racing with Mario Kart and Excite Truck could be sources of the problem. Nintendo's next big game, Punch-Out!! for the Wii launches tomorrow, May 18th, and one can wonder how good that one'll sell. Which is my next poll question, "How well do you think Punch-Out!! will sell on the Wii?"

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