Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gaming Forcast - March 2009

Another month, another Gaming Forecast article. The month of March once again is home to many releases of both Wii and DS games.

Gaming Forecast March 2009
  • Major League Baseball 2K9 (Wii, Mar. 3rd)
  • Sonic & The Black Knight (Wii, Mar. 3rd)
  • We Ski and Snowboard (Wii, Mar. 3rd)
  • Major League Baseball 2K9 Fantasy All-Stars (DS, Mar. 3rd)
  • Peggle: Dual Shot (DS, Mar. 3rd)
  • New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis (Wii, Mar. 9th)
  • New Play Control! Pikmin (Wii, Mar. 9th)
  • MadWorld (Wii, Mar. 10th)
  • MySims Party (Wii and DS, Mar. 10th)
  • Avalon Code (DS, Mar. 10th)
  • Marble Saga: Kororinpa (Wii, Mar. 17th)
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (Wii, Mar. 17th)
  • Rune Factory: Frontier (Wii, Mar. 17th)
  • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (DS, Mar. 17th)
  • Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure (DS, Mar. 17th)
  • Suikoden Tierkreis (DS, Mar. 17th)
  • TrackMania DS (DS, Mar. 17th)
  • Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume (DS, Mar. 17th)
  • Pokemon Platinum (DS, Mar. 22nd)
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time (Wii and DS, Mar. 24th)
  • Guitar Hero: Metallica (Wii, Mar. 29th)
Whew... That was a lot of games. They may not all turn out extraordinary, but I'm certain there's quality to be found in my listed releases.

The biggest one this month for me is MadWorld. I am very stoked it and cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of this brutal, over the top game. Another Wii game that interests me is the New Play Control! version of Pikmin. I never got to play the original, but have heard great things about it, so I'll definitely be laying down some money for that. As far as other Wii games go, I won't be buying any other. Though both Sonic's latest game and Marble Saga: Kororinpa look interesting, but I doubt I'll pick them up seeing as my wallet's hurting as it is.

As I said last month, I don't own a DS, but if I did I'd have to spend even more of my money. This being because Peggle, GTA: Chinatown Wars, and Henry Hatsworth all look very good.

March was another great month for both Nintendo platforms with many quality releases. What will you be picking up? Or is there nothing that interests you?

Comments or questions? See any games I missed? Drop an email to or leave a comment below...


  1. I think GTA is the only game that will definitely get my money this month (only £18 at Amazon - that's £12 off!) and Platinum will be on my list once May arrives.

    I already have TrackMania DS (bought and reviewed back in December) - it's pretty decent, but nothing to get excited over.

  2. Madworld and GTA:CTW are my most anticipated games of 2009. Street fighter 4(360) and The conduit are the other 2 games I'm really interested in this year. I've already got Street Fighter 4, now 3 more to go and 2 of those titles are coming out in less then 3 weeks time!!!!!

  3. Where's Suikoden and Avalon Code? Those are the only DS games that I'm looking forward to. Yes, I'm an JRPG geek.
    Nothing on Wii is really interesting me. The only Wii game I can think of that I will buy soon is Little King's Story! I believe that comes out in May.

  4. Fixed. Yeah, I knew I probably missed a few games.