Monday, March 2, 2009

Classic Controller PRO

Nintendo recently unveiled it's latest hardware creation, the Classic Controller PRO, which currently is only going to see a release in Japan. But I'm guessing we'll see a confirmation of whether or not it's coming to North America and Europe sooner or later. As you can see from above, the most prominent change is the two grips for both hands, similar to most controllers nowadays. Another variation from the original is the ZL and ZR button now behind L and R instead of to the right and left of them respectively. It should also be noted that the cord connecting to the Wii remote now comes from the top rather than the bottom.

Personally I dislike the new design. Not that I like the classic controller that much anyways. It was nice to play SNES games, but I didn't really like the design for anything else. I don't like how both analog sticks are near the bottom rather than the superior (at least in my eyes) design of the GameCube and Xbox 360 with the left analog stick directly across from the face buttons. As for the new design, making it more like the Dualshock, which is one of the most uncomfortable designs in my opinion is not a good thing. Plus, they didn't care to implement any other features, most prominent making it wireless and adding rumble. Both would be great and make it worth the increased price tag.

My dream Classic Controller would be one that was wireless (maybe just having to attach some little thing to the Wii remote), had rumble, and could be used in GameCube games (I mean, all the buttons are there, just rearranged a bit). So overall, I definitely don't think the Classic Controller PRO is a step in the right direction. Making it more like the Dualshock, not implementing rumble, and not making it wireless: I'd say that's more a step in the wrong direction.

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  1. I am so FULL of Wii controller accessories that I couldn't foresee buying anything else for the near future. It looks like a Playstation controller, and if it doesn't play Gamecube games or have rumble, I really couldn't justify it.

  2. I agree with your analysis. well put!