Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nintendo Power

Lately, I've been reading through my latest issue of Nintendo Power. Now that I think of it, I've really been enjoying my current subscription to NP. The editors have done a fantastic job with the magazines as of late, with both excellent featured preview articles and some well-written reviews to boot.

Back in the GameCube/GBA era, I found Nintendo Power to not be my thing. I don't know, the magazine wasn't really as interesting as some of the other gaming magazines at that time (my best friend's EGM was read just about every month). And a year or so ago when I heard the magazine was now being headed by the publisher Future US rather than Nintendo, I pretty much wrote off NP as something to read. But after picking up a few issues from a grocery store several monthes ago and subscribing soon after, I can say that notion has changed.

I've found each issue of the magazine that I get to be as enjoyable or even more than the last. Just looking at the current issue, we've got a Pokemon Platinum preview and interview, a first look at ExciteBots, a Rhythm Heaven hands-on, an interview with WayForward about the beautiful game A Boy and His Blob, and a well-written review of MadWorld. Not trying to advertise, but those are some pretty amazing articles (at least for me) to be all in one issue.

So what I'm trying to get at here, is even if you doubt Nintendo Power, give it a chance. Pick up an issue if you're a Nintendo fan and see if you don't like it. I did and certainly don't regret it.

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  1. Future have been doing a great job with ONM in the UK as well - they've even been getting world exclusives lately (the first GTA review, M&S2 preview and another exclusive reveal in April) which is pretty unheard of for any UK gaming magazine.

    And Excitebots looks like my must-buy of the summer...

  2. Hmm.... I used to subscribe, but I've been subscribing to Game Informer lately. Maybe it's because I have multiple consoles. Perhaps I'll give NP another go if you say it's gotten better.

  3. Gamecube era was a vast improvement to the N64 days where 90 page issues were the norm.

    Now it's an improvement over the Gamecube era. :)