Monday, March 16, 2009

Poll #13 results

Thirteenth poll is finished. The results for this one are as follows:

Which Nintendo console was your first? (51 votes)
  • NES - 47% (24 votes)
  • SNES - 11% (6 votes)
  • Nintendo 64 - 23% (12 votes)
  • Nintendo GameCube - 5% (3 votes)
  • Wii - 11% (6 votes)
  • I've never owned a Nintendo console - 0% (0 votes)
Not surprisingly, most voters started out their Nintendo console playing on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Up next was the N64 with 23% of the votes. And coming in at a solid third was a tie between the Super NES and the Wii.

And as usual, there's a new poll up as well. Just last Monday, Nintendo released the first two games in their GameCube Wii-make series, New Play Control!, Pikmin and Mario Power Tennis. In Japan, a number more have already been released such as Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. My question to you is, "Which New Play Control! games have you gotten or are planning on getting?" (out of the announced ones of course).

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  1. I actually started out on the original GameBoy, but my first Nintendo console was the Wii. I've been devoted to Nintendo from a young age, but only in the handheld region.

  2. That's very similar to me. The Wii was actually my first Nintendo console too, but I'd been playing Nintendo's handhelds for a while. Especially the Pokemon games, those games sucked away hundreds of hours of my life.