Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mario Kart Wii's online

I've recently beat four games, Deadly Creatures, House of the Dead: Overkill, MadWorld, and New Play Control! Pikmin (in that order actually). They were really great games, and I had a lot of fun with each. But now that I beat every new Wii game that I have, what was I going to play? A few nights ago, I was faced with this dilhema. Should I go back and beat my unbeaten games like Okami and Zack & Wiki? Nah, didn't really want to. Should I use Wii Fit, since I've barely used it since I got it? Nah, too lazy for that too. So I decided to pop in the ol' Mario Kart Wii and play some online.

And after playing around that night and last night, I came to remember how fun Mario Kart Wii's online is. It's by far the best online multiplayer in the Wii game. It's super fast (even with my crappy internet). I love how it's structured, with 5000 points, winning gains to points, losing does the opposite. And I much prefer the continual racing with new people joining and quitting versus the four race cup style of Mario Kart DS's online.

Some may bash Mario Kart (especially the Wii version) for it cheapness and the blue shell hate is almost a universal feeling, but I still love the random racing that isn't totally devoid of skill (not at all actually). My only problem playing last night and the night before would be the somewhat frequent disconnections; though that was most certainly because of my internet and not the game (damn you crappy small town internet provider!) Sure, it would've been nice for Nintendo to have some form of communicating and interacting with friends, but I really do love Mario Kart Wii's online mode. And there's not a doubt in my mind that a year from now I can't pop in the disc, boot up the online multiplayer, and have a just as much of a blast as I did last night.

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  1. I really liked the online.
    It would have been cool to be able to send messages to opponents (with parental controls for parents to have if needed). No voice chat though. Only with friends. I don't like hearing slurs. :(

  2. Good job on finishing everything up. I'm still working through MadWorld, Pikmin and Deadly Creatures.

    That said, I did finish Metroid Prime 3 of late (but you knew that). And I'm going back to the NES Legend of Zelda. It's funny: 22 years later, and I still really love that game.

    You know, Kyle, we never have exchanged Wii numbers. We should remedy this post-haste. Mine's on my blog, or e-mail me.