Sunday, April 19, 2009

Poll #15 results

First let me apologize for my absence from World 1-1 for the past two weeks and for the lateness of this post. Due to some things to deal with in the "real world" and a mild case of writer's block for your's truly, I just didn't have the enthusiasm to post. Let's hope all that's over and I can get back to my regular two, three, four, or more posts a week (OK, so not that regular) schedule.

First I'd like to announce bit of a change in the polls: now they're going to be weekly, rather than bimonthly. This gives me the chance to have a lot more polls and free up a day each week to post results. Speaking of which, there will be a "poll results" post and a new poll alway up on Saturday (except for this one), usually somewhere around 4:00 Pacific Time. And now to your regularly scheduled poll results...

Poll number fifteen has concluded with a fairly small total vote count (as probably due to lack of posting lately). Here's the results to said poll:

Do you read gaming magazines? (17 total votes)
  • Yes, I subscribe to one or more - 58% (10 votes)
  • Yes, I buy issues occasionally - 29% (5 votes)
  • No, I don't read them - 11% (2 votes)
Without a lot of votes it's not entirely accurate to say which choice was the most popular. But I think it's pretty safe to say the first, the subscription choice, is the most popular as it garnered almost 60% of the votes. Coming in second was 29% for buying issues occasionally. And finally, last (and least) was two votes from people who don't read gaming magazines at all.

I voted for the first choice as I subscribe to two magazines, Game Informer and Nintendo Power. As I've said before, I really am loving my subscription to Nintendo Power and each month I'm treated with great previews and lots of nice screens and reviews. As for GI, I really like the magazine too, albeit the sometimes lack of Nintendo content. It has a lot of great gaming articles to read and always scores on big exclusive cover stories.

Once again, there's a brand spankin' new poll up. Sports are one of the popular genres of video games. Whether it's realistic sports simulations like Madden and Tiger Woods or arcadey and hectic games like Punch-Out!! and the Mario sports games, sports titles cater to a large audience. But it's my question to you, "How do you like your sports games?" Arcadey? Or realistic?

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