Sunday, April 26, 2009

Poll #16 results

Be sure to check out the newly crafted World 1-1 Review Archive on the right sidebar to catch up on any World 1-1 reviews you may have missed. (I got/stole the idea from SuperPhillip Central and Everyview.)

Unfortunately, much like the previous poll, Poll #16 had few votes (at least compared to earlier World 1-1 polls). The results are as follows...

How do you like your sports games? (16 total votes)
  • Arcadey - 31% (5 votes)
  • Realistic - 12% (2 votes)
  • Like them both - 37% (6 votes)
  • I don't play sports games - 18% (3 votes)
Even with very few votes, the voting choices are all very close in the end results. The vote for liking both arcadey and realistic sports games won by one vote count over primarily arcadey. The option, "Realistic", came in last barely earning less votes than "I don't play sports games".

I voted for the first choice, as I prefer arcadey sports titles (like Punch-Out!!) over realistic sports sims. While I've played some sports games like Madden and MLB games at friend's houses, I never really enjoy them. But I do love games like the Mario Kart, they're just a lot more "fun" in my eyes as they strive for you to be entertained rather than be accurate represent the sports.

Poll #17 is up as well. Chances are a lot of you play quite a bit of video games; this is a video game blog after all. But just how much do you actually play? Some of us have work and school to have to deal with, while others have a lot more free time to play all the video games they want. My poll question this week is "How many hours a week would you say you spend playing video games?"

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