Thursday, October 2, 2008

Round-up of Nintendo Media Summit news

Todays was day one of Nintendo's NA event and soon will be day two of their Japan event and you may be flooded with news from sites like GoNintendo, IGN, and various blogs across the web. It's a like a mini-E3! So I've rounded up some of what I felt was the most important info (mostly from GoNintendo). Enjoy!

Nintendo Media Summit (Japan) live blog - GoNintendo

Nintendo Media Summit (North America) live blog - GoNintendo

Nintendo DS game montage - GameTrailers

Nintendo Wii game montage - GameTrailers

October Nintendo Game Conference (Japan) News and Information - SuperPhillip Central

Trailers: Punch Out!!, Mario & Luigi RPG 3, The Conduit, Sin & Punishment 2, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia - GoNintendo

Wii, DS North American Release Dates - GoNintendo

Nintendo’s Holiday 2008: Wii Speak Channel, Club Nintendo, More Surprises - GoNintendo

If anything else comes up throughout the night I'll edit it.

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